Year 3 Home Learning

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I hope you take next week to relax and enjoy some sunshine! Let's hope the weather is nice! I am in school next week, but will be back on here 1st June.  Lots of love, Miss Venables x 
Just remember, I am still proud of you all and I am still here as your teacher :)  Miss Venables
Message from Mrs Marr:
Hi Year 3!  Just a quick message to say I have been keeping up with what Miss Venables has set you for your learning and I know you are all doing us proud.  You work so hard for Miss Venables in class, and I know you are working hard for your parents at home.  Missing and thinking of you! x
Friday W/C 18/05
Task 1: Spelling Test!









Task 2: I would like you to write a paragraph or two in your exercise book about something you have learnt, or done at home this week.  I would like you to include the following things (think of it like the grid we would stick in our book):


1. Basic punctuation- capital letters, full stops, ? and !

2. Apostrophes

3. Different sentence openers- All of a sudden, Meanwhile, Then, Afterwards, Suddenly etc.

4. Best handwriting!!

Maths: Work through the PPT one slide at a time, Length and Perimeter Lesson 3.  There are examples and activities for children to complete as you go through the PPT.  Children can write their answers down on paper.  The answers to the activities are shown on the PPT also, so you can mark with the children as you go along.
Week Project: THE SAVAGE STONE AGE!!!!!!
Children will be creating a 3-course menu with a choice of two starters, two mains and two desserts for a Stone Age child. They must make it sound appealing by using adjectives or by giving the meal a name e.g. ‘Succulent chopped liver smothered in herbs and topped with hazelnuts’.

Normally, I would share a good example, so please see below an example Stone Age menu.  The children know not to copy and come up with their own ideas.  Use your research of food to help with what could be on the menu! 

Looking forward to seeing your descriptive menus!

Fluent in Five: Five 10-minute arithmetic sheets have been uploaded below.  Do one each day.  The children normally do this at the beginning of every day in school.  They will know what to do :)  I will upload a new five each week.  The answers are also included in this resource too!
  • IDL (for those that do it)- type IDLS Group in to Google.  If children cannot remember their username and password, please email me!
  • Reading ALWAYS!
  • Times Tables- start with 2, 5, 10, 3, 4 and 8!
  • Music At Home Challenge!
Below are some resources from this week:
  • Statistics Lesson 3
  • Speech booklet
  • Alice in Wonderland Comprehension
  • Length and Perimeter Lesson 1-2
Below are some older resources:
  • Time Lesson 1-10
  • Statistics Lesson 1-2
Find below a list of books selected for children in Year 3 (ages 7-8) of average reading ability. If your child is a competent reader or has read all these titles then try the books from the Year 4 list. The list aims to promote reading for pleasure with quality texts that are perfectly pitched for the age group and the curriculum.
Please ensure your child is able to read and spell all of the 200 high frequency words and the words on the Year 3&4 statutory spelling list. All of these can be downloaded below:
In Year 3, you can help your child in Maths by:

Ensuring quick recall of the 3, 4, 8 and 50 times-tables (as well as the 2, 5 and 10 times-tables they’ve already learned in Year 2). It is essential that the children know these facts fluently as they form the foundation for a large majority of the work the children will cover during Year 3 and beyond.

Further Learning:
Ancient Egypt- Go to a travel agents or research holidays to Egypt online.  Budget how much it would cost to go on holiday with your family. 
Europe- Design and write a postcard, imagining that you have visited a  European city of your choice.  Tell the reader what you have  liked and disliked about the city.
Stone Age- Design and make an ancient stone circle or a replica of Stonehenge. Be creative in the way you make your stone circle.



In Year 3, we recommend the following Websites and APPs:

Try and complete all of the activities listed below during the year:
  • Compose a piece of music
  • Take part in a Stone Age banquet
  • Eat something you’ve not tried before
  • Create a mosaic
  • Design and make a board game
  • Climb a tree
  • Create a soundtrack for a piece of film
  • Make a pinhole camera
  • Make a musical instrument
  • Light a candle
  • Learn a new game
  • Make something out of wood
  • Cook outdoors
  • Learn to play a game of cards
  • Tell your class about your favourite character from a book
  • Produce rubbings of fossils
  • Try yoga
  • Eat something you have grown
  • Visit an art gallery
  • Stay away from home for a night