British Values

This Week's Focus

Week Commencing: 18th May 2020

Focus Question: If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

News Story:  An Italian architect is planning a city of skyscrapers! Luca Curci said that he wanted to build four self-sufficient, interconnected towers with trees, wildlife and farms. He claimed that his buildings, for 200,000 people, would be the best way to tackle population growth, pollution and poverty. He says his project, The Link, could save the world and halt urban sprawl. He says, “We need a sustainable vision, my towers are designed to encourage a sense of community.” 

British Value: Respect - We all live in different homes in different communities. It’s important to show respect for the choices people make and the homes that they live in. 

Week Commencing: 4th May 2020

Focus Question: What makes some toys more popular than others?

News Story: The toy world is in the grip of a llama obsession as the woolly South American animals become the new industry sensation! At the American International Toy Fair in New York in February, there were llamas everywhere! Knitted, plush and sequinned, small and large; llamas on mobile phone cases and swimming pool floats, llama diaries, puzzles and even backpacks 

British Value: Individual Liberty - There are many types of toys for us to play with, some of them we will love, others not as much. We are all different and can decide for ourselves which we prefer! 


Week Commencing: 11th May 2020

Focus Question: Who does outer space belong to?

News Story: SpaceX founder, Elon Musk, has a dream of providing the whole world with high speed internet using satellites in the sky. Mr Musk recently announced on Twitter that the firm’s Starlink service will be available to certain locations in six months. The project aims to have the devices form a constellation around the planet from a distance of 200 miles to 700 miles above the surface and transmit data to stations and customers on the ground

British Value: Democracy - Outer space does not belong to any one person or country, this was agreed by 109 countries in the Outer Space Treaty. No country can lay claim to the moon, asteroids or other celestial bodies, space is open to all. 


Week Commencing: 27th April 2020

Focus Question: How can one person make a big difference?

News Story: 99-year-old British war veteran, Captain Tom Moore has completed 100 laps of his 25m back garden in Marston Moretaine, Bedfordshire! He has raised over £28 million for Britain's National Health Service (NHS) and has received donations to his fundraising challenge from all around the world! Captain Tom began raising funds to thank NHS staff who helped him with treatment for cancer and a broken hip, he originally aimed to raise just £1000 but quickly passed his target!

British Value: However small we think our actions are, we can all contribute to help make a positive difference to the world around us. At some point, to someone or something, our actions matter!


Week Commencing: 27th April 2020

Focus Question: Are video games the next best thing to our real lives?

News Story: The World Health Organisation (WHO) have partnered with technology companies around the world campaigning to show how gaming can help fight coronavirus and 'save lives'. The WHO and computer game producers have come together to work on the #PlayApartTogether campaign, which aims to spread the importance of WHO guidelines, that will slow the spread of COVID-19, including staying inside, to the global audience of the gaming industry. 

British Value: Respect - The World Health Organisation have explained the importance of social distancing and staying inside as much as possible in current times. Playing computer games, either on our own or with family and friends in their own homes, is a good way to do this. 


Week Commencing: 20th April 2020

Focus Question: Do you think people will travel less in the future?

News Story: New figures revealed on the 7th April by the Department of Transport show that only a very small proportion of people in the UK are still travelling during the lockdown period that the government have imposed during the COVID-19 outbreak. Visits to shops, museums and cafes in the UK have fallen by 85% since the coronavirus outbreak, according to data shared by Google. The government has supported Google in using data in this way. 

British Value: Rule of Law - Governments around the world are making new rules to reduce the amount we travel to help stop the spread of COVID-19. We can all play our part to help by following these rules. 


Week Commencing: 13th April 2020

Focus Question: Are tests the best way to check our learning?

News Story: SATs, GCSEs and A-Level exams have all been cancelled across the UK. Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has said "exams will not take place as planned in May and June". Pupils whose exams were cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic will be given grades estimated by their teachers, the government has said. 

British Value: Individual Liberty - It’s important that our teachers are able to check our learning. We may have different views on what we think about testing, but we should respect the opinions of those around us.


Week Commencing: 6th April 2020

Focus Question: Whose job is it to protect animals in the wild?

News Story: There's good news coming from Africa. After huge conservation efforts, the number of critically endangered black rhinoceroses is slowly increasing, according to the latest figures released by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The numbers show that the population has grown at a rate of 2.5% per year over the past six years. The species is still in danger; susceptible to poaching and a changing habitat due to the changing climate. Yet, the population growth provides hope that efforts put into saving the species are paying off. 

British Value: Respect - The world is full of interesting and exotic wildlife with whom we share our home. It’s important that we all look out for and protect our living neighbours, big and small! 


Week Commencing: 30th March 2020

Focus Question: Can you think of ways to remain positive during difficult times?

News Story: Many countries across the world have been asked or have chosen to remain at home during the COVID-19 outbreak. Thousands of Italians, in several cities, clapped from their windows and balconies as healthcare workers went to work, raising spirits with a flashmob, during the lockdown period (where most people remain at home). Families and neighbours also sang and crashed pots and pans together for the performers in cities across the country. 

British Value: Democracy - During times of uncertainty, we should voice any concerns and listen to the thoughts of others. We all have contributions to make. When times are hard, it’s important to all pull together.


Week Commencing: 23rd March 2020

Focus Question: Do you think that space tourism is a good idea?

News Story: Virgin Galactic, owned by Sir Richard Branson, are one of the first companies intending to make space travel accessible to the public. The company have seen a big increase in the demand for the tickets for flights to space, the first of which will be taking place later this year. The company, who completed its first test flight in 2018, said it had received almost 8,000 registrations of interest for future commercial flights! 

British Value: Mutual Respect - For some, the idea of space travel would be a dream come true. For others, their worst nightmare. It’s important to respect and celebrate our differences! 


Week Commencing: 16th March 2020

Focus Question: What would you find hard about starting again?

News Story: Turkey opened its borders for Syrian refugees to leave its territory for Europe at the end of February. So far hundreds of thousands have left Turkey. Many Syrians have fled their home country, following dangerous conditions and fighting due to the ongoing civil war there. Fife Council in Scotland has one of the highest rates of resettlement for Syrian refugees in the UK. During the increasingly unsettled situation in Syria, Fife are wanting to help more families and have said they will continue to welcome many more families this year. 

British Value: Mutual Respect - A refugee is someone who has been forced to flee their home due to a dangerous situation. Refugees have a right to protection under the UN 1951 Convention which includes the right to a safe place to live.  


Week Commencing: 9th March 2020

Focus Question: Should we have a say in what we learn at school?

News Story: Joe Brindle, age 17 from Devizes School, is a founder member of Teach the Future. The group are recently formed and are taking their call for environment issues to be taught in schools as part of the curriculum to Parliament! Ministers have agreed that "it is vital that pupils are taught about climate change" but the group believe that schools are failing to prepare them for a climate emergency. 

British Value: Individual Liberty - If we feel strongly about something that affects us, there are different ways we can share our opinions with those who make decisions. Explaining our reasons can help bring about positive changes.


Week Commencing: 2nd March 2020

Focus Question: How important is it to know the weather forecast?

News Story: A supercomputer is to be developed to support the Met Office in a huge project to improve weather forecasting. The new technology is to be funded by a £1.2 billion investment from the government and will be managed by the Met Office. It is expected the computer will be the most powerful forecasting system in the world and will be able to offer more precise weather and flood updates. 

British Value: Individual Liberty - The weather can be hard to predict and can cause disruption and even dangerous situations. It’s important to listen to advice and following weather warnings. 


Week Commencing: 24th February 2020

Focus Question: Will emojis ever be as important as words?

News Story: The new batch of emojis to be released in 2020 has been revealed. They include a range of different facial expressions and some of the more random additions include a log, a mirror and a green pepper. One of the new emojis is called "pinched fingers" and depending on where you are in the world it could have a completely different meaning. Its official purpose, according to its creators, is to represent the way an Italian might ask "what do you want?". But it may have many different interpretations worldwide. 

British Value: Individual Liberty - Emojis are one way for us to express ourselves digitally. There are lots of ways we can communicate, it’s important to consider the best way to express ourselves in different situations. 


Week Commencing: 10th February 2020

Focus Question: Should sportswear be banned if it gives an unfair advantage?

News Story: Nike Vaporfly trainers, which have revolutionised running allowing runners to break world marathon records, have been given the green light by World Athletics. In a long-awaited ruling the World Athletics, who are the sport’s governing body, confirmed that Nike Vaporflys, which cost £240 and can improve marathon times by one-to-two minutes in elite athletes, are legally allowable despite many in the sport accusing the shoes of providing a huge advantage for runners. 

British Value: Rule of Law - In sporting competitions, it’s important that things are fair for all competitors. The people in charge will check things like the clothes and shoes people wear, to make sure the event is equal for all.


Week Commencing: 3rd February 2020

Focus Question: Who should decide what is best for our health?

News Story: A virus named the coronavirus has started to spread from China. Previously, it had never been seen in humans before and it is spreading more widely to different parts of the world. It's called a coronavirus because, under the microscope, it looks like lots of little crowns. It is thought the outbreak started in Wuhan, China. The virus is a respiratory virus, which means it can affect people's breathing and lungs. Like a cold, it can be spread by coughing and sneezing. Governments around the world are starting to take action to contain it. In the UK, the risk is considered low and people, who fly into airports here from affected areas, are being checked out. 

British Value: Rule of Law - There will be times when governments or other organisations will put restrictions or things in place to protect us from the spreading of diseases.


Week Commencing: 27th January 2020

Focus Question: Should we celebrate the things that divide us?

News Story: The date that the UK are scheduled to leave the EU is the 31st January 2020. A group of MPs hoped to signify the historic occasion with the ringing of Big Ben at 11pm. As the Elizabeth Tower and Big Ben is currently under refurbishment, the estimated cost of ensuring the bells work, is £500,000. Meaning the cost of marking Brexit in this way would be just over £45,000 per bong (assuming the bell strikes 11 times). Big Ben has only rung on a few occasions since the refurbishment began in 2017. 

British Value: Democracy - When important decisions need to be reached, sometimes a big vote or referendum takes place, this gives everyone an opportunity to have a voice and share their opinion.


Week Commencing: 20th January 2020

Focus Question: Can you ever trust what you view online?

News Story: Facebook has announced a new policy banning all artificial intelligence (AI) created videos that are likely to mislead viewers into thinking someone said words that they didn’t actually say. The new policy will mean that all videos that have been edited in ways that are likely to mislead someone into thinking that a person in a video said words that they didn’t really say, or, if people or objects are placed onto a video, making them appear to be real, will be removed from both Facebook and Instagram (which is owned by Facebook). 

British Value: Individual Liberty - When online, we may watch or read different information. It’s important for us to be aware that not everything we see is true. We must be sure to think carefully and check where the information has come from.


Week Commencing: 13th January 2020

Focus Question: Can animals provide the same support to us as our friends?

News Story: Over the past 9 years, millions of people have fled their homes in Syria because of the ongoing war and conflict happening there. Many people left their homes and belongings behind, including their pets. Mohammad Aljaleel from the city of Aleppo is one of the few who have remained and looks after thousands of abandoned cats. The smaller Syrian town of Kafr Nabl, is now home to more cats than people. Humans and cats provide comfort to one another in hard times. Salah Jaar, another man who has remained in Syria to help look after the stray cats, finds them a huge help in what must be a difficult place to be. 

British Value: Respect - Some people choose to dedicate their lives to helping others. In Syria, a few people have remained in difficult conditions to help look after cats that have been left behind. 


Week Commencing: 6th January 2020

Focus Question: Should children be allowed to make money from creating and sharing videos?

News Story: An eight-year-old boy who reviews toys and shares the videos online has topped a list of the highest-earning YouTube stars after making £19.8 million! Ryan Kaji, from Ryan ToysReview, made the money between June 2018 and June 2019. It is the second year in a row that he has topped the magazine Forbes’ list. Ryan’s family launched his main channel in 2015 when he was just three and has gone on to have his own line of toys, toothbrushes and other items. Ryan lives in Texas, USA with his parents and twin sisters. 

 British Value: Rule of Law - There are rules to follow to keep us safe online and to make sure we are responsible with the information we share with others. It’s important to take time to understand and make sure we follow these rules.


Week Commencing9th December 2019

Focus QuestionShould all children have free access to youth centres?

News StoryThe number of youth centres supported by local councils has more than halved between 2011-2019, according to a Parliamentary Group. Ahead of the general election, Labour, the Conservatives and the Lib Dems parties have all pledged to invest in youth services if elected. Successful music entrepreneur Jamal Edwards, who helped to launch the careers of musicians including Ed Sheeran, puts his success down to the support he received from local youth centres. Edwards has recently set up Jamal Edwards Delve, a project aimed at refurbishing and reopening youth centres 

British ValueThere may be lots to do where we live or there may not be. We all have a voice and if we would like to see more activities or have places to go, we can work together using our collective voice to support positive action!


Week Commencing2nd December 2019

Focus QuestionShould animals be used for our entertainment?

News StoryThe popular TV show, ‘I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here’ will no longer feature challenges including eating live bugs in the Bushtucker Trials for the first time in the show's history, following campaigns against animal cruelty. Explaining their decision, the producers have said, “No live critters will be eaten in the Bushtucker Trials this year.” Although live critters and animals will not be part of the eating tasks, viewers can still expect to see the contestants being covered in them as part of other trials. It comes as wildlife presenter, Chris Packham, has been campaigning for the series to end the use of animals. He's explained that he sends a letter of complaint to the programme every year. 

British ValueJust like people, animals have rights and there are laws in place to make sure they are not mistreated in any way. It’s important for us to support these laws to protect animals. 


Week Commencing: 25th November 2019

Focus Question: How important is the size of our class?

News Story: Broadclyst Community Primary School in Exeter has an average class size of 42 and is home to one of the biggest primary aged classes in the UK with a Year 6 class of 63 pupils! The school is known for its forward-thinking approach and good use of technology. The large Year 6 class are taught in a modern lecture-theatre style room where each child has their own digital device as a learning aid. 

British Value: Individual Liberty - In school we are often organised into groups to support our learning. This means we need to think carefully about the words we use and how we act towards others in order to help make our classrooms happy and successful places! 


Week Commencing18th November 2019

Focus QuestionWhose responsibility is it to have clean air to breathe?

News StorySchools in India's capital city of Delhi have had to close, because air pollution levels there have been dangerously high. They were closed for 4 days in most places and face masks were also handed out in schools due to the high levels of smog in the city. Health officials were asking people to stay indoors and not do any physical activity outside to avoid getting ill. Levels of dangerous particles in the air are at well over 10 times safe limits in the capital. City authorities have responded by limiting the number of cars on the roads. Supreme Court Justice Arun Mishra has said, "Delhi is choking every year and we are unable to do anything, the state is not acting...They are passing the buck to each other." 

British ValueRule of Law - Delhi’s air pollution is so bad it has turned the city into a toxic gas chamber. It is important that strict rules and laws are put in place and followed to protect the millions of people who live there. 


Week Commencing11th November 2019

Focus QuestionShould the haka be allowed in sport?

News StoryDuring the Rugby World Cup, the England rugby team were fined £2,000 for crossing the halfway line on the pitch as they lined up before the semi-final whilst the New Zealand team were performing the haka (a traditional Māori war dance). World Rugby rules state that teams must remain within their own half of the pitch to receive the haka. However Welsh rugby writer, Stephen Jones, has called for the All Blacks to stop the haka altogether, saying it is a 'means of rank bullying on and off the field'. 

British ValueMutual Respect - The haka is an important ritual for Māori people and is used by sports teams in New Zealand and other parts of the world. It is important to respect other cultures and also to be aware of the impact they may have. 


Week Commencing4th November 2019

Focus QuestionWould you change how our country is run?

News StoryThe 2nd-8th November is UK Parliament week, a week to learn all about how Parliament works. In recent months, MPs who work in the House of Commons (part of Parliament) have received disapproval from some people who believe that the 650 MPs who make many of the key decisions in the running of the UK have not been working effectively together. Particularly with regards to Brexit, which has caused many issues between MPs with very few agreements being reached. 

British ValueDemocracy - Everyone has different ideas about how they think the UK should be run. To make sure everyone can have a voice, adults vote to elect MPs to represent our opinions in Parliament.


Week Commencing21st October 2019

Focus QuestionCan the lottery improve people’s lives?

News StorySomeone in the UK won the full £170m EuroMillions jackpot, making them Britain's richest ever lottery winner. The prize will be paid out at a special ticket validation appointment. Though the lottery isn’t just about the winning ticket; for each lottery ticket bought, around 95% of the total income goes back to winners and society. To date, National Lottery players have helped to raise over £40 billion for community and charity work, with more than 565,000 individual awards made across the UK, which is the same as around 200 lottery grants in every UK postcode district! 

British ValueRespect- The National Lottery Community Fund has helped thousands of people improve and develop their communities. When people take part in the lottery, some of the money will support the community fund. 


Week Commencing: 14th October 2019

Focus Question: Should we all be entitled to a private life?

News Story: The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, is taking action against a newspaper after she claims it published a letter she wrote to her dad without her permission. Meghan's team has confirmed the action against the British paper, accusing it of a " publish false stories about her". In a statement, Prince Harry said, "as a couple, we believe in media freedom and objective, truthful reporting" but that "to stand back and do nothing would be contrary to everything we believe in, put simply, it is bullying"

British Value: Rule of Law- It is a Human Right for us all to live our lives with respect for our privacy. Whether that be in our homes or in our interactions with others. This is true whoever we are 


Week Commencing: 7th October 2019

Focus Question: Is it important for others to always know where we are?

News Story: What3words, an app which is able to provide an almost exact location for wherever you are in the world by using just 3 words, has caused division between those who think it can save lives to others who believe that one company shouldn’t know where we all are all the time. The app divides the world into three-metre squares and gives each one a unique three-word address in order for people to be easily found in emergencies, and to give the billions of people without a formal address access to one for the first time.

British Value: Individual Liberty - In emergencies, people need to be able to find us and technology can help locate us quickly. There may be other times when we don’t want everyone to know our location – it’s important to be in control of the information we share.


Week Commencing30th September 2019

Focus QuestionWhat is the best way to help those in need?

News StorySome people have stopped donating to the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) charity after an article in an online newspaper stated how the charity spends £3.3m a year (a small amount of their total money) on projects in other parts of the world including in Africa and Bangladesh yet they have cut around 100 jobs in the United Kingdom, where it is based. The news has made others angry, those who believe that the charity helps people both locally and in other parts of the world. Their overseas projects include teaching children how to swim in Bangladesh. 

British ValueMutual Respect- People may need our help and support for many different reasons. We can help people we know, people who live nearby or people who live in other parts of the world.


Week Commencing23rd September 2019

Focus QuestionShould First Aid be an adult’s responsibility?

News StoryMany charities have campaigned for the teaching of first aid in the UK and Ireland to become part of the school curriculum. Now, for pupils in England, first aid classes will be compulsory from September 2020 with schools in Wales, Scotland and Ireland expected to follow. First aid classes will be taught in primary and secondary schools. Primary schools will be taught basic skills such as how to call emergency services, whereas secondary schools will be taught life-saving skills such as how to help someone who is suffering a heart attack. 1,600 schools in England will take part in the new first aid lessons this year as part of a trial, before it becomes compulsory. 

British ValueIndividual Liberty - In emergency situations, we may need to act quickly to help others. First aid training can help provide us with knowledge and understanding to make choices that could save lives.


Week Commencing: 16th September 2019

Focus Question: How important is school uniform?

News Story: About 100 pupils and parents staged a protest outside a school in East Sussex at the start of the school year against its new school uniform policy. Police attended the demonstration outside Priory School in Lewes against a new policy instructing all pupils to wear trousers, banning skirts. Priory School have said the uniform was designed to be practical and to encourage students to focus on their schoolwork. 

British Value: Democracy - Schools have different rules for what their pupils wear. There may be times we feel rules aren’t fair to everyone. It is during these times that rules can be discussed, allowing us all to have a voice and share our opinions. 


Week Commencing: 9th September 2019

Focus Question: Is it wrong to refuse help?

News Story: Fires have been burning across the world’s largest tropical forest, the Amazon Rainforest, for around 4-weeks. The French President, Emmanuel Macron, has called the fires an “international crisis” and along with 6 other countries, offered money to help put the fires out. The Brazilian President, Bolsonaro, refused this money. It has been reported that there have been 74,000 fires in the Amazon this year so far, a lot more than last year. It’s a worrying increase because the Amazon very rarely burns on its own as it is usually too wet to ignite, so most of the fires are caused by people. The Amazon Rainforest is important to the air we breathe and for turning the gas carbon dioxide into oxygen. The jungle is home to many different species of wildlife and plants, many of which are rare or endangered. 

British Value: Respect - The Earth’s rainforests contain more than half of the world’s plant and animal species! They also generate lots of the oxygen that we all need to survive. It’s important that they are respected by all of us, to make sure they are protected. 


Week Commencing: 2nd September 2019

Focus Question: Are our actions more important than our words?

News Story: Environmental activist, Greta Thunberg, set sail from the UK, on a 2-week journey to attend the UN climate summits in New York and Chile. Fans gathered to wave her off on her voyage across the Atlantic. The 16- year-old made a speech ahead of departing from Plymouth on the Malizia II, a solar-powered racing yacht with underwater turbines. Greta said she was dedicated "to do everything I can" to tackle climate change which is a "very big problem". 

British Value: Individual Liberty - We make lots of choices every day. We make choices on the words we choose to say and on how we choose to act. Our choices will affect others around us so it’s important we think carefully about our words and actions. 


Week Commencing: 15th July 2019

Focus Question: Is space exploration important to the world?

News Story: It has been 50 years since humankind first stepped foot on the moon as part of the Apollo 11 moon landing mission. The Apollo Program took eight years and cost around £20 billion! It is thought to have overcome one of the most complex challenges humanity has ever undertaken – putting a person on the Moon! There is now a new ‘space race’, with India, China and US all recently declaring interest in new plans to return to the moon. India’s Chandrayaan-2 probe plans to return almost 50 years to the day! 

British ValueRespect - It took billions of pounds and thousands of people many years to put people on the moon. When we find out more about the universe, we also learn more about ourselves and our place on planet Earth.


Week Commencing: 8th July 2019

Focus Question: How important is it to travel?

News Story: Heathrow Airport has unveiled its £30 billion expansion plans with a third runway set to open by 2026. Many campaigners have warned the project will cause 30 years of misery and long-term damage. The plans include lowering the M25 motorway for the third runway to cross, diverting rivers and moving roads, with campaigners warning of the environmental impact. Supporters of the new runway have said it would help to reduce fares of tickets, lead to fewer delays, and allow travel to more daily destinations.

British Value: Individual Liberty - People travel for different reasons. Some may want to learn about life in other places, others may be visiting loved ones or travelling for work. For some, travelling may be essential but for others it might be a lifestyle choice.


Week Commencing: 1st July 2019

Focus Question: Is it important for us to measure time?

News Story: A Norwegian island is campaigning to get rid of the concept of time, allowing the people who live there to do “what we want, when we want”. Citizens of Sommaroy in West Tromso, north of the Arctic Circle, say that normal business hours should not apply to them because they do not experience time like the majority of the rest of the world. The sun doesn’t rise in winter or set in summer on Sommaroy, leading most of the island’s 300 residents to back a bid for it to become the world’s first time-free zone. 

British Value: Democracy - The island of Sommaroy doesn't have a traditional night and day for much of the year so the people, who live there, are campaigning to get rid of the usual way we measure time. If they are successful, they will be the first place in the world without time!



Week Commencing: 24th June 2019

Focus Question: Should women footballers be paid the same as men?

News Story: The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup is now well underway in France with the final less than 2 weeks away! The competition is being held across nine cities, with the semi-final and final being played in Lyon. Women's football is fast growing in popularity, with the global viewing audience for the Women's World Cup expected to reach up to one billion! But the players themselves are increasingly questioning the level of earnings and prize money they receive compared to male footballers, which are around x10 less! 

British Value: Lots of people enjoy playing and watching football! The FIFA Women’s World Cup is currently underway and over 1 million tickets have been sold. Women’s football is thought to be one of the fastest growing sports across the world!


Week Commencing: 17th June 2019

Focus Question: Should we always make everyone feel welcome?

News Story: Last week, the US President Donald Trump visited the UK for an official state visit. He spent time with the Prime Minister, Theresa May and the Queen and other members of the Royal family. Theresa May has said it was a chance for the US and UK "to strengthen our already close relationship". But others don't think that he should be given such a formal and important welcome. Some UK politicians, including Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, didn’t attend the special banquet in honour of President Trump. Protests also took place in London, with anti-Trump campaigners planning marching through the streets. 

British Value: Democracy - All countries have their own rules to decide how their country is run and who their leader will be. In a democracy, a voting public allows everyone to have a say. In the USA, Donald Trump was voted in as their President


Week Commencing: 10th June 2019

Focus Question: Should break times be reduced to improve learning?

News Story: Children as young as four are now getting even shorter break times at school, because of a push to increase lesson time. A long-term study revealed primary school pupils today have 45 minutes less break time a week than they did nearly 25 years ago. Researchers from the study conducted by The UCL Institute of Education, found time out of class for children to play and chat to their friends has been getting gradually shorter and shorter. 

British Value: Rule of Law - Our teachers and schools think carefully about when we have breaks and how long we have between lessons, making sure that we have enough time to learn and enough to rest! 


Week Commencing: 3rdJune 2019

Focus Question: Will technology replace bedtime stories?

News Story: Technology is increasingly replacing stories at bedtime, with more than a quarter of parents trying to use home assistants, apps and voice notes to tell their child a story before bedtime research suggests. A study commissioned by children’s reading charity, BookTrust, indicates a growing reliance on virtual stories. The survey of 1,000 parents with children aged 10 or under found that, while almost half said they aim to share a story with their youngsters every night, 28% manage to do so. 

British Value: Technology is constantly changing how we live our lives and how we learn. It’s important to know the difference between when technology can help us and when it’s best to learn and do things on our own.


Week Commencing: 20th May 2019

Focus Question: Does it take more than talent to succeed?

News Story: Whilst many schools have been busy preparing for summer testing, Flakefleet Primary School in Lancashire have been preparing for something just as nerve-racking but for completely different reasons! The choir at Flakefleet Primary School have been gearing up for the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent, which will be held next week. The group shot straight through to the semi-final following their rendition of Queen’s, Don’t Stop Me Now receiving the ‘Golden Buzzer’ from comedian David Walliams. 

British Value: Individual Liberty - It’s good to have dreams and goals. Trying hard and aiming high can help us to achieve great things. There’s also lots to be learnt from when things don’t go to plan! 


Week Commencing: 13th May 2019

Focus Question: Should McDonalds have banned plastic straws?

News Story: McDonald's is being called on to stop its introduction of paper straws in the UK, amidst claims that they dissolve in drinks. The restaurant is switching from plastic to paper straws at all of their 1,361 restaurants after customer pressure. An online petition calling for a return to plastic straws has so far gathered more than 40,000 signatures. McDonald's have said they are "doing the right thing" while some customers feel that their needs should be considered. 

British Value: Respect - Plastic straws take an estimated 500 years to decompose! We should always ensure we are using plastics carefully and use reusable items whenever we can. 


Week Commencing: 6th April 2019

Focus Question: Can anyone become a good leader?

News Story: The country of Ukraine has elected a comedian called Volodymyr Zelensky as its new president. Volodymyr, who is originally an actor and comedian, once starred in a role as a teacher who accidentally becomes president! According to official results, he won Ukraine’s presidential election with 73% of the vote. Volodymyr has no previous political experience and wasn’t very clear on his main goals and so many were surprised to hear of the surprising victory! 

British Value: Democracy - Like Ukraine, many countries will hold votes to allow people the choice to decide who will become their leader. Sometimes, the winner may not be what we expect, but in a democracy the votes are what count!


Week Commencing: 29th April 2019

Focus Question: Is it always better to rebuild than to start again?

News Story: A huge fire engulfed the medieval cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris, one of France's most famous landmarks. The 850-year-old Gothic building's spire and roof collapsed but the main structure, including the two bell towers, were saved. France’s President Emmanuel Macron called it a terrible tragedy. One firefighter was seriously injured while tackling the blaze. 

The fire began at around 6.30pm (local time) on Monday 15th April and quickly reached the roof of the cathedral, destroying its stained-glass windows and the wooden interior before toppling the spire.

British Value: Respect - Buildings and places can hold huge importance for people. They can be part of who we are, hold special memories and be part of our shared culture. 


Week Commencing: 23rd April 2019

Focus Question: Should we always give people a second chance?

News Story: More than 1,200 ex-offenders now work for the Timpson group, which includes the shoe-mending and key-cutting chain. After 15 years’ recruiting prisoners, Timpson is now stepping up its plans, aiming to recruit another 150 this year. “It’s a great way of finding amazing people,” says James Timpson, the chief executive and great-great-grandson of the founder, “We look for staff everywhere, but a lot of people who have been in prison are desperate for an opportunity”

British Value: Rule of Law - People who break the law and have spent time in prison will often find it hard to get a job. A second chance at work can mean a fresh start for people who may otherwise find it difficult to be forgiven.


Week Commencing: 15th April 2019

Focus Question: Who should decide what we eat for lunch?

News Story: The Great British Bake-Off judge and celebrity chef, Prue Leith, has called for schools to ban pack lunches. Ms Leith told a recent food conference in Scotland that schools should be made responsible for teaching children to eat good food, as they do in Finland. She also called for lunchtime to “become a lesson” and become part of the curriculum. Everyone, including staff, should sit down together in the dining hall, with the meals staggered so that children wouldn’t have to queue.

British Value: Individual Liberty - School lunchtime is an opportunity to rest, refuel and let off some steam! It’s important to think about what we eat and how we can make the best use of this time each day, given the choices we have.


Week Commencing: 22nd March 2019

Focus Question: Are libraries still needed in modern times?

News Story: A bid to stop plans to close 25 libraries, and hand over several more to be "community-run" by volunteers, has failed in Essex last week. At a meeting of Essex County Council, an amendment was passed which did not rule out closures but agreed to explore using libraries as community hubs. At least 846 public libraries have been closed nationwide since 2010, according to figures from library association CILIP, which has left several local authorities with the lowest library provision in Europe. 

British Value: Respect - Libraries can offer a lot more than just the books they contain, they are a welcoming place to educate, enrich and support us all regardless of who we are or where we are from. 


Week Commencing: 18th March 2019

Focus Question: Should schools be car free zones.

News Story: Children at Russell Scott Primary in Tameside have launched a campaign which involves patrolling the street outside their school and giving out fake parking tickets to anyone who stops on yellow lines or with their engine on. The fumes that come out of the back of car exhausts are bad for the lungs, especially for young children. The children are known as “Junior PCSOs" (a PCSO is a police community support officer). 

British Value: Rule of Law - There are rules and laws about where and how cars park around our schools to keep us all safe. It’s important we follow these rules and encourage others to do the same. 


Week Commencing: 11th March 2019

Focus Question: Can we learn to be happy?

News Story: Education secretary, Damian Hinds has announced a new pilot for up to 370 schools for the teaching of mindfulness. The pupils in the chosen schools will be taught mindfulness techniques and breathing exercises as part of one of the largest mental health trials in the world. The UK schools will offer the lessons to improve wellbeing and help to regulate emotions. 

British Value: Mutual Respect - There will be times when we feel happy, and times when we feel sad. It’s important we support each other during difficult times and celebrate together the things that make us happy! 


Week Commencing: 4th March 2019

Focus Question: Do we have more clothes than we need?

News Story: A number of MPs in our government have called for clothing companies to pay 1p on every item of clothing they sell to pay for a £35m annual recycling scheme. What’s known as ‘fast fashion’ is a contributor to greenhouse gases, water pollution, air pollution and over-use of water. And they are putting pressure on the government to force clothing manufacturers to pay more towards collecting and recycling the waste they create. 

British Value: Individual Liberty - Clothes are important both to reflect who we are and to keep us warm and covered! It takes a lot of time and energy to make clothes, so we need to take care of them and be sure to reuse and recycle wherever possible. 


Week Commencing: 25th February 2019

Focus Question: Should you always vote if you have the chance?

News Story: Having been delayed by a week, Nigeria’s presidential election is set to take place on the 25th February. Whoever wins will have to respond to power shortages and high unemployment. There are 73 registered candidates in the presidential election, but campaigning has been dominated by President Buhari, 76, and Atiku Abubakar, 72. While both are in their 70s, more than half of Nigeria's 84 million registered voters are under 35. 

British Value: In a democracy, people elect their leaders and have a say in how their country is run. Nigeria became a democracy in 1999 and has recently held elections to find their new president. 


Week Commencing: 11th February 2019

Focus Question: Is it everyone’s responsibility to help us learn?

News Story:The Department for Education has announced that employees from retailers including shoe shop Clarks and newsagent WH Smith will be trained to speak to children as part of a drive to improve early language skills. Staff will be taught to strike up conversation with toddlers and young people while they try on shoes or buy things from the counter, so they can practise talking and responding to questions. Training will take place this summer. 

British Value: Tolerance - We can learn a lot from people who have different experiences from our own. It is important to show an openness to learning from and speaking to others in all kinds of places! 


Week Commencing: 4th February 2019

Focus Question: Is there a time when giving up is the right thing to do?

News Story: British tennis player, Andy Murray has been beaten in what might have been his last ever match. He lost in five sets to Roberto Bautista Agut in the Australian Open first round. Speaking about the match, Murray said "If this was my last match, it was an amazing way to end. I gave everything I had - it wasn't enough tonight." Murray had hoped to carry on playing until this year's Wimbledon, but after struggling to recover from hip surgery he said he may not be able to play through the pain and would have to stop sooner. Andy has won 45 titles during his career. 

British Value: Mutual Respect - At times, people may need to make difficult decisions about their work or things they enjoy doing. This may mean giving up something we love and needing to change direction. We must respect these decisions, as sometimes things are out of our control.


Week Commencing: 28th January 2019

Focus Question: Should all children receive free fruit at school?

News Story: The Soil Association, the UK's leading food and farming charity, has criticised the government's £40million scheme to get school children to eat more fruit and vegetables. It argues that it is 'actually putting them off their greens'. The charity says pupils are being given produce lacking in flavour. It is calling for a review of the £40million a year School Fruit and Veg scheme which is currently just for schools in England, not Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. 

British Value: Individual Liberty - It is important to eat a balanced diet to stay healthy. Throughout our day, we will often make choices about the food we eat. We can use these choices to make sure we eat a wide range of foods to keep us well. 


Week Commencing: 21st January 2019

Focus Question: Should we spend more time with people who are older than us?

News Story: A recent report by United For All Ages, claims that bringing young and older people together can tackle many different issues including loneliness and wellbeing. It claims there are many benefits of sharing time together including better mental health and improved confidence, language and social skills for everyone. Projects with old and young people can also boost confidence, skills and opportunities for children while helping to change attitudes towards ageing. 

British Value: Mutual Respect - Our communities and families are made up of people of all ages. We can all benefit and learn from spending time with those who are both older and younger than us. 


Week Commencing: 14th January 2019

Focus Question: Should our leaders make key decisions, or should we all have a say?

News Story: Britain is expected to leave the EU on the 29th March this year following a referendum in June 2016. This week, over two hundred Members of Parliament have signed a letter to the Prime Minister asking her to rule out a no-deal Brexit, to try to protect jobs and manufacturing. A no-deal Brexit means the UK would leave the European Union (EU) immediately on 29 March 2019, and there would be no agreements in place about what their relationship would be like in future. 

British Value: Democracy - Voting is the most fundamental right in our democracy. Citizens care deeply about their countries and it is important they get the chance to obtain the best possible information to make their choices. 


Week Commencing: 7th January 2019

Focus Question: Should drones be banned?

News Story: Thousands of people had their Christmas travel affected by disruption at London Gatwick airport. The airport's runway was shut down for more than a day after what were thought to be drones were spotted flying over it. Police continue to investigate what happened. The drones were first spotted on Wednesday 19th December in the evening and the airport's runway was closed at 9pm, causing the start of the delays and cancellations. 

British Value: Rule of Law - Drones can be lots of fun if used correctly, but if they aren’t used safely, they can be very dangerous. There are laws for drones that we all must follow to help keep everyone safe. 


Week Commencing: 17th December 2018

Focus Question: What does it take to perform in front of others.

News Story: The Virgin TV Stars competition gave primary schools across the UK the chance to have their Christmas play produced for millions of TV viewers. The company will film a special recording of the winning school’s festive production and make it available, via on-demand, to its four million Virgin TV customers in the days leading up to Christmas! 

British Value: We are all different. Some of us may feel confident standing in front of lots of people and enjoy it, for others it may take a lot of courage. It’s important to show respect and support each other when performing! 


Week Commencing: 10th December 2018

Focus Question: Should technology be banned at mealtimes?

News Story: The restaurant chain Frankie and Benny's is hoping to stop customers from using their mobile phones while eating dinner. It believes it is the first large company in the UK to start the scheme and is offering a 'children eat free' bonus to anyone who agrees.
The campaign will run for a week at all of the company's 250 restaurants and may be rolled out permanently depending on its success. 

British Value: Individual LibertyWe are often able to choose how we interact with others during mealtimes, we can talk, read, or sit quietly. It’s important to consider those around us too. Is it a good time to talk, if others have had a bad day or want to chat?


Week Commencing: 3rd December 2018

Focus Question: Should adverts be a place to share news and opinions?

News Story:A Christmas advert raising awareness of the impact of palm oil production on the environment has been banned from UK TV after it was described as being "too political". UK supermarket Iceland wanted to use the advert that had been made by environmental charity Greenpeace, which tells the story of an orangutan whose home is being destroyed by palm oil producers.

British Value: The rule of law - Adverts, like TV programmes, are often viewed by huge audiences and have a specific purpose. If the advert doesn’t follow the guidelines, it may not be allowed to be shown 


Week Commencing: 26th November 2018

Focus Question: Does your gender affect the job you choose?

News Story: Scientists conducting the world’s largest study of gender differences in the brain have recently found men were more likely to prefer “things” and “systems”, while women were more interested in people and emotions.
It is a heavily debated issue as to why some jobs in areas such as engineering or construction are mainly chosen by men, and others such as beauty and caring professions, are mainly chosen by women.

British Value: The rule of law - Modern equality laws protect the rights of individuals and advance equality of opportunity for all.


Week Commencing: 19th November 2018

Focus Question: Have we become a throwaway society?

News Story: A study sponsored by Sainsbury’s and Oxfam has calculated that more than 235 million articles of clothing were sent to landfill annually. Discarded clothing has been one of the fastest-growing sources of British waste over the past decade. The UK has had to more than double its domestic waste capacity since 2010 from 6.3 million tonnes to 13.5 million tonnes. In London, a series of "repair cafes" have been set up to encourage people to think before they throw. 

British Value: Mutual Respect - What we do with the things in our care is our responsibility. Things that may seem old or even broken, may be repairable or of great use to someone else.


Week Commencing: 12th November

Focus Question: Should we be able to control when it is day and when it is night?

News Story: China is to launch a fake "moon" into space that it hopes will illuminate one of the country's biggest cities. Officials in Chengdu, a city of 14 million people in China's southwestern province of Sichuan, announced plans to place a satellite in orbit by 2020 capable of reflecting sunlight onto its streets at night, claiming it will be bright enough to entirely replace street lights. 

British Value: DemocracyThe politicians we vote for, make key decisions about our country including changes that might make our lives easier through debate and democratic consultation. 


Week Commencing: 5th November 2018

Focus Question: Can remembering the past help to make a better future?

News Story: 2018 marks 100 years since the end of World War One. The first war that affected many people around the world. On 11th November 1918, an agreement called the Armistice was signed which silenced the guns after four years and four months of fighting.
When this happened, many people celebrated, but it was also an extremely sad time as people reflected on the terrible impact that the war had. 

British Value: RespectWorld War One affected almost everyone in the UK, and many people all around the world. It is important to show our respect when learning and thinking about this time in history. 


Week Commencing: 29th October 2018

Focus Question: Who decides what is art?

News Story: Earlier this month, a 2006 spray painting, by the famous graffiti artist Banksy, ended up being shredded as soon as it was sold. The print was in a large frame that had a shredder hidden inside it, as soon as the sale was confirmed the image headed down towards the shredder. The picture was a print of one of Banksy's most famous works “Girl With Balloon.” It’s now thought the shredded image is worth twice as much as the original! 

 British Value: Rule of Law - Graffiti is a way people express their opinions about the world but it is important to respect the laws of the land and consider where is it presented. 


Week Commencing: 15th October 2018

Focus Question: Are there times we need to break the rules to help change how people think?

News Story: On October 16th, 50 years ago, African-American sprinters John Carlos and Tommie Smith raised their gloved fists in a black power salute at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City, while the American national anthem played during the presentation of their medals. Their gesture was a show of defiance against racism taking place in America. 

British Value: Rule of Law - Our laws ensure that we are treated equally, regardless of our skin colour, gender or anything else that makes us who we are. 


Week Commencing: 8th October 2018

Focus Question: What would you find hardest about living in a world designed for people different from you?

News Story: High street retailer Marks & Spencer has announced the launch of a new 'easy dressing' range designed for children with disabilities. There are 106 items, the collection is specially adapted for youngsters who need 'extra help' including sensitive skin and feeding tubes. Thought to be a high street first, the ‘Kids Easy Dressing’ range with prices start at £3. 

British Value: Mutual Respect - Everyone is different and everyone deserves the right to be included. We will do all that we can to ensure others are included at every opportunity.


Week Commencing: 1stOctober 2018

Focus Question: Should young people who break the law be treated like adults ?

News Story: Criminals under the age of 25 should be treated kindlier by courts because they are still growing up, according to a report published last week. More than 140,000 adults aged 18 to 24 were sentenced in criminal courts last year and they should be treated differently, the Howard League for Penal Reform says. It calls for formal sentencing guidelines to help judges and magistrates understand young adults better. 

British Value: Rule of Law: Laws are made to ensure we are all kept safe and that there are consequences for crimes that people commit. 


Week Commencing: 24thSeptember 2018

Focus Question: How different would life be without information at our fingertips?

News Story: September 27th, 2018 marks the 20th birthday of the biggest search engine in the world, Google. Twenty years ago, two students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin formed Google, Inc. for incorporation in the garage of their friend Susan Wojcicki. Over the next 20 years the search engine became the cornerstone of a digital empire that covers everything from images, maps, translation, video-streaming, tech accessories, smartphones, internet browser, and even driverless cars. 

 British Value: Respect: Google and other search engines can be very powerful and empowering, but with great power comes responsibility. It’s important to show respect and consideration when we use this technology.


Week Commencing:17th September 2018

Focus Question: Should we give money to the homeless?

News Story:More than 300,000 people in Britain (one in every 200 people), are officially recorded as homeless, according to figures recently released by the charity Shelter. This is an increase of 13,000 over the past year. Last month, the government announced its strategy in response to the problem, the Homelessness Reduction Act, which comes into force next year. This requires local authorities to take steps to prevent households at risk of homelessness tipping into crisis. 

British Value:The number of people who are homeless in the UK is increasing. As we head towards winter, it is a difficult time to be without shelter and warmth. If we want to help, we can make choices about how we help, through donating to charities, raising awareness or giving our time volunteering.


Week Commencing: 10th September 2018

Focus Question: Is our help always wanted?

News Story:Dr Amy Kavanagh is a visually impaired activist and campaigner who has recently launched the #JustAskDontGrab campaign to help change the way people interact with those with disabilities. She says that while people with disabilities often receive well-meaning offers of assistance, they're not always in the most helpful way. She started the Just Ask Don't Grab campaign to explain how best to assist disabled people. She says there's one golden rule: just ask. If you see somebody and you think they might need help, don't jump in and grab them.

British Value:Before we help someone who we think may need our assistance, it’s always important to ask first. They may not need or want our help. We should treat everyone with the same respect we’d like to be shown!


Week Commencing: 3rdSeptember 2018

Focus Question: What would you say to your family after 70 years apart?

News Story: North and South Korean families have been reunited for the first time in nearly 70 years. A three-day reunion took place at North Korea's Mount Kumgang resort. Emotions ran high as mothers and children were reunited for the first time in 70 years. The reunions follow much better relationships between North and South Korea in recent months. Many Korean families were divided by the war nearly seventy years ago. 

British Value:Rule of Law: All countries have different laws and rights for the people who live there. Some families may become separated  due to war, conflict or laws beyond their control. When countries can make peace, it can provide opportunities for families to be reunited


Week Commencing: 16th July 2018

Focus Question: What would you find most difficult about being trapped? 

News Story: Cave divers in Thailand took part in a high-risk operation to extract a team of young football players and their coach from a flooded cave. 

British Value: Democracy - It was a race against time to rescue a young football team and their coach. Balanced and quick decisions had to be agreed and reached by experts to ensure their safety. 


Week Commencing: 9th July 2018

Focus Question: Should we pay to visit the doctor? 

 News Story:On the 5th July, the NHS celebrated its 70th birthday. Prior to this, thousands of demonstrators took part in a march outside Downing Street in central London to celebrate the anniversary of the National Health Service. 

British Value:Mutual Respect - The NHS has come to embody values of fairness, compassion and equality. The NHS believes in working together, respect and dignity, improving lives, commitment to quality of care and everyone counts! 


Week Commencing: 2nd July 2018

Focus Question:  Who should decide what we eat and drink? 

News Story:New proposals to try to increase healthy eating for children and to halve childhood obesity have been announced by the Health and Social Care Secretary Jeremy Hunt. They build on the existing work to try to help families make healthier food choices. 

British Value:The Rule of Law - The government and other adults, who are responsible for us, care about what we eat as it can affect how we live and grow. Sometimes, there may be certain foods or drinks that we aren’t able to have – this is to keep us fit and well! 


Week Commencing: 25th June 2018

Focus Question: Are computer games damaging our health? 

News Story:For a lot of young people, playing computer games is an enjoyable hobby and a fun way to spend time with friends. However, for some it can become more than that. Gaming addiction has been listed as a mental health condition for the first time by the World Health Organisation. 

British Value: Individual Liberty - Computer games and other hobbies can be great fun but it is important they don’t take over our lives. We have to be responsible for our own wellbeing and enjoy a range of interests and activities. 


Week Commencing: 18th June 2018

Focus Question: How can football change the world? 

News Story: Iceland are the smallest nation ever to qualify for the World Cup and will be looking to repeat their heroics from the 2016 European Championship, where they knocked out England. Iceland have spent a lot of their funding on promoting and encouraging football. 

British Value:Tolerance - Football can help us to understand others - in playgrounds, parks and stadiums around the world. Football is a common language that has helped people around the world to better understand each other! 


Week Commencing: 11th June 2018

Focus Question: Do we still need toy shops? 

News Story: It was announced earlier in the year that the well-known toy shop chain Toys R Us was to go into administration, with 100 UK stores being closed down. 

British Value: Individual Liberty - Toy shops may not be as popular as they used to be, but we can all choose where and how we shop. There are many local toy shops that we can choose to visit and this also helps support smaller businesses! 


Week Commencing: 4th June 2018

Focus Question: Will laws be enough to protect our elephants?

News Story: A law called the Ivory Bill has been introduced to Parliament and it aims to make it illegal to buy or sell almost all ivory in the UK. It is currently legal to buy and sell certain kinds. 

British Value:The Rule of Law - Laws are introduced for many reasons, one of which is to protect. Recently proposed laws aim to help protect elephants by stopping people from buying and selling products made from their tusks. 


Week Commencing:21st May 2018

Focus Question: Should school be allowed to choose their pupils? 

News Story: News that grammar schools are to be handed £50 million to help create more school places has been met with a mixed reaction. Unlike non- selective schools, grammars are state-funded secondary schools that admit pupils based on their academic ability. 

British Value: Democracy - Schools have to ensure that they are fair to all pupils who attend. When families are thinking about which schools would be best, schools must ensure they are fair and consistent to all who apply. 


Week Commencing: 14th May 2018

Focus Question: How might our lives be different if were unable to hear? 

News Story: Deaf Awareness Week is held this year on the 14th-20th May and the theme for the week is ‘Connect and Communicate’. Many events to raise awareness have taken place including several Great British Dog Walks, charity dog walks in aid of Hearing Dogs for the Deaf. 

British Value: Rule of Law - The Equality Act 2010 is the law that bans discrimination and helps achieve equal opportunities in the workplace and in wider society. This means people with hearing loss must be treated fairly and not excluded. 


Week Commencing: 7th May 2018

Focus Question: Should we always forgive? 

News Story: North and South Korea have a long history of not getting on. Despite being neighbouring countries, there has been a lot of tension and threats of war. 

British Value:Tolerance - We won't always agree with everyone around us and at times we might do or say things we regret. As we would hope others to forgive us for our mistakes, it is important we too accept and forgive the mistakes of others, move on and look forward. 


Week Commencing: 30th April 2018

Focus Question: How do our families shape who we are? 

News Story: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced the safe arrival of their third child last week.

British Value:Mutual Respect - Families can be big or small, live close by or far away and we might get on well or sometimes fall out! What we all have in common, is that all our families are different! It’s important we do our best to take care of each other and show respect to our family members. 


Week Commencing: 23rd April 2018

Focus Question: What does loneliness feel like? 

News Story: The UK has a loneliness problem and it’s getting worse. The UK government even appointed a loneliness minister at the start of the year to tackle the problem. 

British Value: Mutual Respect - It’s important to spot the signs of loneliness and look out for those who are lonely. If we experience loneliness ourselves, we should tell those around us and get the support we need. 


Week Commencing: 16th April 2018

Focus Question: How much of our lives should we share with others?

News Story: Facebook, which is the largest social media platform in the world with around 2 billion users, has announced that nearly all of its users’ private information has been accessed without their permission. 

British Value: Rule of Law - Social media networks, just like their users, have laws to follow to ensure any information that we share is protected to keep us safe. However, we must make sure we understand these laws and take precautions to keep ourselves safe online. 


Week Commencing: 9th April 2018

Focus Question: Who does the world belong to? 

News Story: The last male northern white rhino has died, the conservation organisation in Kenya caring for the animal announced last month, leaving only two remaining white rhinos in existence. 

British Value: Respect - The world we live in is home to over 8 million different species and is thought to have been around for billions of years! It is vital that we treat it with respect, thinking about how we live and the impact that the decisions we make can have on the world around us. 


Week Commencing: 26th March 2018

Focus Question: Where do you call home? 

News Story: In the barren hills of southern Bangladesh lies the home of the world’s biggest refugee camp, a temporary home to more than half a million people. 

British Value:Tolerance - Having a sense of belonging and feeling safe is a fundamental human right. Although we don’t have control of how other countries are run, we can be sure to make everyone who we interact with, feel welcome in our own community and homes. 


Week Commencing: 19th March 2018

Focus Question: Is homework worthwhile? 

News Story: Recent research from the educational charity, the Varkey Foundation, has shown that parents in the UK spend less time helping with homework and school projects than those in almost any other country. They questioned more than 30,000 children aged between 4 and 18. 

British Value: Mutual Respect - It’s important to respect the decisions made by our schools and teachers about the homework we are given. Homework should always help us become better learners. If we ever feel under too much pressure with our work, we must know that there will be someone in school who will help. 


Week Commencing: 12th March 2018

Focus Question: Do we take water for granted? 

News Story: In this week’s poster, residents queue for water at a natural spring in Cape Town, South Africa. There have been growing tensions and one arrest at the spring where people go to collect water because of a severe drought in South Africa's drought-hit city of Cape Town. 

British Value: The Rule of Law - The very serious droughts in Cape Town, South Africa have meant that rules are in place to ensure that the little water that is left is used sensibly. In the UK, droughts are rare, but it is still important to ensure we are grateful for the water we have and think about our own consumption. 


Week Commencing: 5th March 2018

Focus Question: Do appearances matter? 

News Story: A school has banned a haircut known as the ‘Meet me at McDonald’s’ and warned pupils they may be sent home or taught separately until their hair is restyled. 

British Value: We are all different! What we look like, both the things we have control over and those that we don’t, aren’t nearly as important as how we treat others and how we behave – these are much better reflections of who we are! 


Week Commencing: 25th February 2018

Focus Question: Whose responsibility is it to make sure that trade is fair? 

News Story: This week and next week, it’s Fairtrade Fortnight which aims to put a spotlight on trade. When trade is fair it has the potential to improve the lives of the farmers and workers who grow our food. When trade is fair, it can make the world a better place. 

British Value: Individual Liberty - It’s easy to buy things without thinking about where they’ve come from. It’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure what we buy has come from a safe and sustainable source. 


Week Commencing: 19th February 2018

Focus Question: Does what we watch influence our behaviour? 

News Story: The makers of the new Peter Rabbit film have apologised for a scene that’s offended allergy sufferers and some parents. 

British Value: Mutual Respect - We all have differences that make us unique. Sometimes, our differences may mean that we need to do things differently to make sure we stay safe. 


Week Commencing: 12th February 2018

Focus Question: Is it important to celebrate traditions? 

News Story: This year’s Rio de Janeiro Carnival, held in Brazil, takes place from February 9th to 13th, and is expected to be the largest ever, and raise over £2.4b 

British Value: Tolerance of Different Cultures - We all celebrate different traditions and we can learn a lot from each other. 


Week Commencing: 5th February 2018

Focus Question: Do we need to be resilient to succeed? 

News Story:The 5th-11th February 2018 is Children’s Mental Health Week. Last Tuesday, MPs heard testimony on the subject of transforming children and young people’s mental health. 

British Value: Individual Liberty - It’s up to us how we respond when things go wrong or become challenging. We can choose to be positive, try our best and keep going for as long as we can! 


Week Commencing: 29th January 2018

Focus Question: Does money make people happy? 

News Story: According to a study conducted by the charity Oxfam released last week, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer – and at an alarming rate. 

British Value: Democracy - The UK is one of the most privileged countries in the world. Living in a democracy means we have many choices, including a say in how money is spent to help us all with things like education and healthcare. 


Week Commencing: 22nd January 2018

Focus Question: How can you stay calm when you feel scared or worried? 

News Story: A recent incoming emergency alert plunged residents of Hawaii into panic last week before it was declared to be false.
An alert system is in place because of the potential proximity of Hawaii to North Korea. 

British Value: Mutual Respect - All of our behaviours and actions impact on those around us. When we are faced with a scary or unknown situation, we must try to stay as calm as we can. 


Week Commencing: 15th January 2018

Focus Question: Why do some people cheat? 

News Story: Exam regulator Ofqual have said that nearly 3,000 penalties were awarded to students for cheating in 2017 compared with just over 2,000 in 2016 in their data released last week. 

British Value: Individual Liberty - We will go through many different tests in our lives. There may be a temptation, at times, to take the easy path by copying someone else’s work and finding dishonest shortcuts. 


Week Commencing: 8th January 2018

Focus Question: Should we always be allowed to say whatever we like?  

News Story: On the 1stJanuary, it became illegal in Germany to write or publish ‘hateful material’ online under the new hate speech law which has been under discussion since the middle of 2017. 

British Value: Rule of Law - Most things we are able to speak freely about and discuss our opinions openly. Some words however, can be hateful and damaging so we must respect the laws to stop this. 


Week Commencing: 1st January 2018

Focus Question: Why do people make New Year’s resolutions?   

News Story: Now that the New Year is upon us, it’s often a time for many to make New Year’s resolutions. Every New Year seems to bring many new resolutions and challenges. Keeping resolutions can be difficult, if not impossible. 

British Value: Individual Liberty - Whether or not we make resolutions this New Year, we make lots of choices every day that affect our own lives and those around us. 


Week Commencing: 18th December 2017

Focus Question: Do more people need help at Christmas time? 

News Story: British supermarket Aldi has launched a campaign to donate food to the less fortunate this Christmas. 

British Value: Mutual Respect - By helping others who perhaps are going through difficulties or are less fortunate than us, we are showing care and respect for how we would like to be treated. 


Week Commencing: 11th December 2017

Focus Question: Should young people have jobs? 

News Story: The number of schoolchildren with a part-time job has fallen by a fifth in the past five years, new figures show. 

British Value: Individual Liberty - As we get older, we will make choices on jobs or work experience we choose to undertake. 


Week Commencing: 4th December 2017

Focus Question: Can you imagine living a life of uncertainty?

News Story: The new president of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa, has been officially sworn in. The country's new leader is the former vice-president. He came to power after former leader, Robert Mugabe, stepped down after being president for 37 years. 

British Value: Democracy - Democracy is important and contributes to a fair and happy society. When people don’t feel that there is democracy, it can lead to unsettled and difficult periods where people worry about what might happen next. 


Week Commencing: 27th November 2017

Focus Question: Is life more exciting when we take risks? 

News Story: Explorer Benedict Allen has recently been found after he was reported missing while searching for an indigenous tribe in Papua New Guinea. The BBC reported that he had requested rescue after being seen near an airstrip and was described as being ‘alive and well’. 

British Value: Rule of Law - Different environments and places may have different laws and rules. These are in place to ensure we are kept safe and to minimise the dangers of any risks we may take. 


Week Commencing: 20th November 2017

Focus Question: Should we change how we live to help protect our oceans? 

News Story: Blue Planet II is currently one of the most watched TV programmes and has left millions of us in awe at the beauty and incredible diversity of the life in our oceans. However, a recent report shows that all sea life will be affected because carbon dioxide emissions from modern society are making the oceans more acidic. 

British Value:Individual Liberty - Our oceans provide us with much of the air we breathe and are key for our survival. We should choose to play our part in protecting them by making small changes that can make a difference. 


Week Commencing: 13th November 2017

Focus Question: Should we always speak up if someone is being bullied? 

News Story: Marathon runner Ben Smith has recently launched his own foundation ‘The 401 Foundation’ to raise awareness of bullying through events and fundraising, often doing talks at schools, most recently at Cokethorpe School in Oxford last week. 

British Value: Tolerance - Bullying isn’t always easy to spot, but if we are aware of someone who is being bullied or if we feel something isn’t right, we will speak out and not let it happen around us. 


Week Commencing: 6th November 2017

Focus Question: Does thinking positively help when times are hard?

News Story: The authorities in the war-torn city of Kabul in Afghanistan have invested money in painting the houses in some of the hilltop villages in the countryside. The idea is to boost happiness in the area by creating a sense of pride and community by bringing people together. 

British Value: Mutual Respect - We will all face challenges and times of difficulty at different times. We must understand and support each other and try our best to remain positive both for ourselves and for those around us. 


Week Commencing: 30thOctober 2017

Focus Question: Should we teach robots how to think? 

News Story: Google's DeepMind have announced this week that they have made another big advance by enabling a robot to master the Chinese game of ‘Go’ independent from humans. Many of us are not used to the idea of machines making decisions for themselves, but the day when they will do this by themselves is likely to arrive sooner than we might think. 

British Value: Rule of Law - Artificial technology, including robots will need to follow strict rules to ensure we are protected. 


Week Commencing: 23rd October 2017

Focus Question: Do we value our neighbours? 

News Story: This week is One World Week, a UK Charity who each year choose a different focus looking at global issues. This year’s focus is ‘Good Neighbours’. 

British Value: Being a good neighbour means more than just being quiet. It is actively looking out for our neighbours to ensure we are helpful, kind and that their needs are met. 


Week Commencing: 16thOctober 2017

Focus Question: When is it important to show respect? 

News Story: Many sports stars including American football players have been objecting against unfairness and police violence in America towards minority groups by kneeling during the national anthem to support and show respect towards those who they feel don’t have a voice. 

British Value: Showing respect towards others is important because it shows we value one another as human beings. Respect can be shown in lots of different ways, including kindness, support and being polite. 


Week Commencing: 11thOctober 2017

Focus Question: Should we always stand up for what we believe in? 

 News Story: On Sunday, 1 October, there was a vote in an area of Spain called Catalonia over whether the region should be an independent country. It is currently officially part of Spain. 

British Value: Democracy - It’s important to remember what we believe in and to make sure we stand up for ourselves and others around us if we believe something isn’t fair. 


Week Commencing: 4th October 2017

Focus Question: Do you always feel that you belong? 

News Story: Sheza Hasan, who is a mother from Canada, came home last week and was surprised to find a mysterious box had been left on her front doorstep full of dolls wearing Hijabs. 

British Value: We are all unique, with different beliefs and opinions. Together, this makes our community a rich and vibrant one full of diversity. Both our similarities and differences should be celebrated as they make us who we are! 


Week Commencing: 27th September 2017

Focus Question: How safe are the toys we buy

News Story: Every day, we make lots of choices. Some of those will affect the safety of ourselves and others. It’s important that we make sensible decisions with resources and toys that we may need to take extra care with. 

British Value:Every day, we make lots of choices. Some of those will affect the safety of ourselves and others. It’s important that we make sensible decisions with resources and toys that we may need to take extra care with. 


Week Commencing: 20th September 2017

Focus Question: How can hope triumph after times of great difficulty? 

News Story: The Invictus Games is being held into Toronto and is a competition for wounded servicemen and soldiers from around the world. 

British Value: Mutual respect, tolerance and celebrating those who are different from ourselves. 


Week Commencing: 13th September 2017

Focus Question: How important is it to have a Royal Family? 

News Story: Following the announcement that there will be a new Royal baby, we look at the historical and present role of our Royal Family. 

British Value: In the earliest times, the Royal Family were key figures in the enforcement of law, known as the ‘Fount of Justice’. Today, the Royal Family still retains an important role, helping to strengthen national unity and stability.