Year 6 Class

 Spring Term 2018
Welcome to Year 6
Week Commencing 15/1/18
Homework Outline: (Monday for Monday)
  • Spellings - For the next two weeks children have individual word lists. These comprise the words they do not yet know from the key word list. Do not attempt to learn more than 12 in a week. We will also be working on them in class.
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Maths - decimals and arithmetic
  • Tables - x6 , x7 and x8
Please Note: If your child is struggling please send them to me so we can explain again.
Subject Areas:
  •  Decimals - place value, comparing & ordering, rounding, dividing and multiplying
  • Arithmetic and core skills
  • Story writing based on Beowulf's Sea Hag story
  • Writing a letter (Beowulf)
  • Class text Beowulf
  • Comprehension The Snow Queen
  • Comprehension skills
  • Subject, object, noun phrases, determiners, articles
  • Using speech and dialogue in story writing.Learning how to use reported speech.
  • Apostrophes for possession and contraction.
This week's focus: 
  • Adverbs and fronted adverbials
  • Using electrical symbols for circuits and components.
  • Beginning the topic on God's heavenly kingdom
  • In "The Story" worship children are learning about King Soloman and the Great Temple
Spanish Lessons:
  • Next Friday with Senor Whalley.
  • Beginning a fitness circuit unit which links with Y6 science topic: Humans
How to help your child:
  • Encourage  reading 
  • Practise times tables regularly. Tables knowledge are essential to all our topics
  • Spellings need to be learned - they are the key words and patterns for year 6
Important Date:
Friday 16th February - Y6 Class Assembly
Y6 are introducing the Chinese New Year and learning about other cultures and customs. We have chosen an assembly date as close as possible to Chinese New Year to make our assembly as relevant as possible.