Year 6 Class

 Summer Term 2018
Welcome to Year 6
Week Commencing 25/6/18
There are still places on the Year 6 Maths club
Held on Wednesday evenings from 3:30 to 4:15pm
Please see Mrs Lee or Mrs Earp
Thank you to those children for attending.
Homework Outline: (Monday for Monday)
For the next three weeks homework will consist of learning song words and individual lines for "Shakespeare Rocks".
Subject Areas:
  • Arithmetic and core skills
  • Writing based on our class texts: The Silver Sword and Moondial
  • Suspense Story writing
  • Class texts The Silver Sword and Moondial
  • Comprehensions based on these tests
  • Science comprehensions about Charles Darwin and Evolution and Adaptation and Inheritance
  • Subject, object, noun phrases, determiners, articles
  • Using speech and dialogue in story writing. Learning how to use reported speech.
  • Apostrophes for possession and contraction.
  • Adverbs and fronted adverbials
  • Active and Passive
This week's focus: 
  • using colons, semi-colons, brackets and dashes
Adaptation and Habitats
Spanish Lessons:
  • This Friday with Senor Whalley
  • Art related to the Year 6 play "Shakespeare Rocks"
  • A study of Claude Monet
  • Habitats and World Biomes
  • Map reading skills
Other Information:
All children have guidance about costumes as well as an Oaklands information pack.