Year 6 Class

 Spring Term 2018
Welcome to Year 6
Week Commencing 19/3/18
There are still places on the Year 6 Grammar and Maths clubs
Held on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 3:30 to 4:15pm
Please see Mrs Lee or Mrs Earp
Thank you to those children for attending.
Homework Outline: (Monday for Monday) - Over the Easter Holiday
  • Spellings - Please keep working on individual hi-lighted word lists. There will be a full test of all the 5/6 key words after the holiday.
  • Maths -  x2 short arithmetic papers. Try to spread them out over the two week holiday to keep core skills going.
  • Tables - x6 , x7 , x8 and x9
Subject Areas:
  • Perimeter and Area
  • Arithmetic and core skills
  • Summarising the Assassination of Franz Ferdinand in 1914
  • Persuasive writing based on Plastics (letters and research)
  • Class text The Silver Sword
  • Comprehension Chapter 9-10: The Silver Sword
  • Comprehension : The Causes of World War 1 and Chain of Events
  • Subject, object, noun phrases, determiners, articles
  • Using speech and dialogue in story writing. Learning how to use reported speech.
  • Apostrophes for possession and contraction.
  • Adverbs and fronted adverbials
This week's focus: 
  • Subordinate or dependent clauses
  • Simple, compound and complex sentences
  • Co-ordinating conjunctions (fanboys)
  • sub ordinating conjunctions
The Human Body
  • The Human Heart and circulatory system
  • Easter Extravaganza
  • Completing forgiveness unit
Spanish Lessons:
  • Next Friday with Senor Whalley.
  • Beginning a fitness circuit unit which links with Y6 science topic: Humans
  • Hockey skills
How to help your child:
  • Spellings need to be learned - they are the key words and patterns for year 6
  • Practise times tables regularly. Tables knowledge are essential to all our topics
  • Encourage  reading