Year 6 Home Learning

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(Powerpoints and lesson resource materials will be below the daily lesson PDF

  • You can email me:
  • I will be at my desk "watching" you so please ask any questions you need to.
  • I have been proud of you every day and every day you have amazed Mrs Earp and I with your perseverance, progress and courage. This is different and admittedly weird but you can ace this like everything you have attempted. 
  • Try to keep to a timetable but take brain breaks and get plenty of exercise too!
  • Be HAPPY
Friday 22nd May - Home Learning - Week 7
Maths Activities
Literacy Activities
WW1 Topic - Heroes
Thursday 21st May - Home Learning - Week 7
Wednesday 20th May - Home Learning - Week 7
Tuesday 19th May - Home Learning - Week 7
Monday 18th May - Home Learning - week 7
Monday 11th to Friday 15th May - Week 6 - Home Learning
Year 6 - Command HQ - Sgt Tim
Monday 4th May to Thursday 7th May - Home Learning - Week 5
Monday 27th April to Friday 1st May - Home Learning - Week 4
Monday 20th April to Friday 24th April - Home Learning - Week 3
Monday 30th March to Friday 3rd April - Home Learning - Week 2
Monday 23rd March to Friday 27th March - Home Learning  - Week 1