Year 4 Home Learning

Home School Learning Year 4 - Summer Term
Hello to everyone in year 4. Thank you all for your continued enthusiasm as you complete the tasks set. Please check the resources below and logon to Purple Mash to complete the activities for this week. Use the blog on Purple Mash to record your learning and to stay in touch.
I will update this page on a daily basis but some activities will continue for a period of time.
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Please help your child to spell the words in the Year 3&4 statutory spelling list which can be downloaded below:
In Year 4, you can help your child in Maths and English by:
  • Regularly listening to them read
  • Helping them to practice their spellings
  • Helping them to rehearse their times tables (to the point of knowing them all securely, up to 12x12)
  • Teach them how to tell the time.
In Year 4, we recommend the following Websites
Try and complete all of the activities listed below during the year:
  1. Make chocolate
  2. Create a display for show and tell
  3. Write and perform a poem
  4. Perform in a play
  5. Watch a play or a dance production
  6. Use a camera to document a performance
  7. Choreograph a dance
  8. Make a sculpture
  9. Create a sculpture trail
  10. Explore inside a cave
  11. Walk through a forest
  12. Learn about a new religion and visit a new place of worship
  13. Make up your own game and teach it to someone
  14. Visit a museum
  15. Skim stones
  16. Visit a castle
  17. Swim outside
  18. Learn to sew on a button
  19. Go hiking
  20. Take part in a treasure hunt