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Summer Term Photographs
Good morning year 2!
If you go onto Mr Burrows section of the home learning you will see a little surprise that all of the Dawpool staff have been working on to bring a smile to your face and to allow all of you to see us all when we have all been apart for so long.
We hope that you enjoy it! We all certainly had fun filming it all for you guys xx
Thank you very much to Ben, James, Evie and Jasmine for your emails yesterday.
Ben and Evie your healthy picnics looked lovely and James and Jasmine, we have loved your lovely emails of how you are getting on. Your emails really do cheer us up and we love getting pictures of your happy smily faces. It is nice for us to share them on here so that your friends can see you too so please all keep it up.
Stay smiling everyone!! 
Speak to you tomorrow,
Mrs Broadbent xx
For any parents who would like it or feel that it is necessary, I have also uploaded a healthy eating certificate. This can be used to celebrate any other healthy lunches that your children make or maybe you might feel that they just need a little boost after working hard in their science lesson today.
Tuesday 5th May 2020
Good morning everyone!
First of all I would just like to say that I have loved seeing the photographs that you guys have sent in of your science lesson heart rate activities!
I am so pleased that you have all had so much fun doing the activities and I love that lots of brothers and sisters have joined in to! It has also been lovely to see that some of you have thought of your own heart beat activities. Well done children and well done to the Mum's and Dad's who were able to get this all set up for me. I hope you enjoyed it too! (even if that meant that the enjoyment was from your children being slightly more tired out and quiet after the science lesson compared to normal!)
The ICT will need quite a bit of concentration today. I personally think that coding is one of our slightly more tricky topics in ICT but i think the children will hugely benefit from being able to do this unit at home as they will face less problems with the technology than what we do when we all try and log on and do this together. The unit plans that I have uploaded are really useful for doing these lessons. This is usually children favourite unit so I hope that you all enjoy it.
Have a great day, speak to you guys tomorrow,
lots of love,
Mrs Broadbent xx
Oh one other thing!!
I received a very exciting email from Mr Burrows this morning about a whole school challenge!
I think it is such a lovely idea and myself, Mrs McCann and Mrs Cutts would absolutely love year two to be involved! 
To find out more information go onto the home learning page and instead of clicking on the year 2 link, click on the link called 'Looking to the Rainbow'.
I think you guys are going to love this! All the details of how to take part are all on the 'Looking to the Rainbow' link. Please go and have a look.
Mrs Broadbent x
Good morning year 2! 

There is an error on page 28 of today’s maths slide. 
I have been trying to change it but had a few little problems with the PowerPoint this morning. 
So I will set it as a challenge to you instead. Can you spot which of the answers on page 28 is incorrect? 
hope you all have a lovely day today.
love from Mrs Broadbent xx
Spring Term Photographs
Look at this fabulous video of our class mate 'E' who took part in the 1960s disco and sang along. 
Find below a list of books selected for children in Year 2 (ages 6-7) of average reading ability. If your child is a competent reader or has read all these titles then try the books from the Year 3 list. The list aims to promote reading for pleasure with quality texts that are perfectly pitched for the age group and the curriculum.
Please help your child to spell the following words:
door, floor, poor, because, find, kind, mind, behind, child, children, wild, climb, most, only, both, old, cold, gold, hold, told, every, everybody, even, great, break, steak, pretty, beautiful, after, fast, last, past, father, class, grass, pass, plant, path, bath, hour, move, prove, improve, sure, sugar, eye, could, should, would, who, whole, any, many, clothes, busy, people, water, again, half, money, Mr, Mrs, parents, Christmas.
In Year 2, you can help your child in Maths by:
Learning the 2 x table (in any order with corresponding division)
Learning the 5 x table (in any order with corresponding division)
Learning the 10 x table (in any order with corresponding division)
If your child is confident with this, help them to learn the 3 and 4 x table.
Learn to tell the time on both an analogue and digital clock.
Further Learning:
  • Islands-  Discuss with your family about any islands they/you have visited. Can you find this island on a globe or map? Can you present any information about this island on a poster or fact sheet?
  • 1960s- Find out from your parents or grandparents about life in the 1960s- music they listened to, clothes they wore and toys they played with. Present this information in any way you like.
  • Arctic explorers- Make a fact file about a famous arctic explorer.


In Year 2, we recommend the following Websites and APPs:


Try and complete all of the activities listed below during the year:
  1. Plan a party
  2. Play a board game
  3. Learn a poem off by heart
  4. Take a trip to the seaside or walk alongside a river
  5. Bake a cake
  6. Buy something and check your change
  7. Write a weather report for your class
  8. Build a bridge and test its strength
  9. Become a nature detective
  10. Dress up as a superhero
  11. Make a film
  12. Start a vegetable patch
  13. Pick blackberries
  14. Get soaking wet in the rain
  15. Go bird watching
  16. Learn a French song
  17. Walk barefoot on the sand or on a nature trail
  18. Start a collection and share it with your class
  19. Walk to a local landmark
  20. Make a mask