Sports Premium Impact & Expenditure

Sports Premium Report 2015/16

The sports premium is additional funding from the Government of £150 million per annum to provide new, substantial primary school sport funding in order to improve the provision of physical education and sport in primary schools. There is a commitment to provide funding until 2020. This funding is jointly provided through the Departments of Education, Health and Culture, Media and Culture, Media and Sport, and will see money going directly to schools to be spent on improving the quality of sport and PE for all their children.

This funding can only be spent on provision for PE and sport. Schools are accountable for how the additional funding is used to support pupils progress and participation in PE and school sport. We are required to publish on-line information about how we have used the additional funds, including details about our sporting provision alongside curriculum details. This will ensure that parents/carers and others are made fully aware of the sporting provision at Dawpool.

All schools with 17 or more primary-aged pupils will receive a lump sum of £8000 plus a premium of £5 per pupil.


For the academic year Sept 2016 – August 2017 we received £8930.00


 We will spend the funds in the following manner:


Clare Mount Specialist Sports Cluster membership: £ 3750

  •       Delivering specialist PE teaching to all KS2 classes
  •       Enhancing the school’s involvement in competitive sport
  •       Supporting staff with the delivery of the PE curriculum
  •       Training KS2 Sports Leaders


TBS Sports Partnership: £ 3750

  •       Delivering specialist PE teaching to F2 and KS1
  •       Enhancing the school’s involvement in competitive sport
  •       Providing a carousel of sporting activities and active play to all pupils every lunchtime
  •       Contributing to the school’s extra-curricular sporting provision.


Transport to Competitive Sporting Events: £500

  •       A contingency fund, enabling groups of pupils to be transported to competitive sporting   fixtures.


Renewal of Sports Equipment: £1000


Impact Statement

Following a review of the impact of the sports premium funding, the school decided to utilise the expertise of specialist sports coaches. As a result, high quality PE teaching is evident across the school. Teachers and teaching assistants observe and team-teach alongside the sports coaches. As a consequence, their skills are developing very effectively. Furthermore, a wide range of sports clubs are now offered across both KS1 and KS2. This has resulted in increased participation rates in healthy activities and competitive sport.

In recognition of our contribution to competitive sport, we are delighted to have been awarded with the ‘School Games Silver Kite Mark.’ The School Games Mark is a Government led awards scheme to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. The school is on track to achieve the Gold Kite mark at the end of the academic year. There is a carousel of physical activities organised every lunchtime for all pupils led by a specialist sports coach which is helping to improve the overall fitness of our pupils.