Year 6 Class

Welcome to Year 6
General Information
Homework Outline
Monday for Monday
  • Spellings (12 words which will be tested on Wednesday morning this week)
  • Ensure your child learns the rule or fact box that accompanies the spellings as this will help in the future.
  • Grammar task
  • Maths - long multiplication and worded problems (square paper has been provided)
  • Tables x6 , x7 and x8
Please Note: If your child is struggling please send them to me so we can explain again.
Week Commencing 30/10/17
Subject Areas:
 Long division , problem solving and our usual  arithmetic lessons
Writing: Characters and settings
Non-chronological reports
Reading: Our class text Beowulf
Comprehensions based on Alfred the Great and Famous Vikings
Researching Viking warriors and making an information page.
Annotating text features and language use
Grammar: subject, object, noun phrases, determiners, articles and using speech and dialogue in story writing. Learning how to use reported speech. Moving on to apostrophes for possession and contraction.
Light - Experiment and investigation week!
Beginning our new topic on God (omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent)
Spanish Lessons:
Next Friday with Senor Whalley.
Viking warriors- writing an information page and annotating diagrams.
Line drawings and mark making skills
Review of last week:
Viking Homework Projects:
Some stunning Viking projects adorn our classroom walls. They are an amazing selection of creativity and hard work. Well Done year 6 and thank you to parents for supporting our class work
How to help your child:
  • Encourage  reading 
  • Practise times tables regularly. Tables knowledge is essential to our current learning of long multiplication and long division methods.
  • Spellings need to be learned - they are the key words for year 6.
Welcome to our  Year 6 Homepage.
Year 6 can log on to e-schools and go to our own year 6 homepage. Once logged in, they can safely communicate and share their learning.