Year 6 Class

Welcome to Year 6
General Information
Monday for Monday
  • Spellings (12 words which will be tested on Tuesday morning this week)
  • Ensure your child learns the rule or fact box that accompanies the spellings as this will help in the future.
  • Punctuation task on using capitals for proper nouns
  • Maths - long multiplication and worded problems (square paper has been provided)
  • Tables x6 , x7 and x8
Please Note: If your child is struggling please send them to me so we can explain again.
Week Commencing 16/10/17
Change to Homework:
Maths and spellings are as usual but the English is a Viking project on the Viking gods and "The Nine Realms"
If your child needs lined paper or information please remind them to ask and it will be sent home.
Subject Areas:
 Long division and our usual  arithmetic lessons
Story writing and non-chronological reports
Reading Beowulf and comprehensions based on Viking raids
Researching Viking warriors and longboats and making an information page.
Grammar: subject, object, noun phrases, determiners, articles and using speech and dialogue in story writing. Learning how to use reported speech.
Light - Reflection and shadows - experiments with torches
Completing our topic on the "I am" statements of Jesus
Spanish Lessons:
Friday with Senor Whalley.
Vikings - Longboats and warriors- writing an information page and annotating diagrams.
Designining some stunning Christmas cards which will be available for parents to order.
Line drawings and mark making skills
Review of last week:
The Cake Sale for the RSPCA held on Tuesday 10th October raised £52
Emily, Katie, Rebecca, Jack and Callum worked really hard to make this a success.
A fabulous total and great team work!
Our trip to St Bartholomew's  last Thursday morning was a lovely outing. We were blessed with the weather and the children's behaviour and participation was excellent.
Many thanks to Revd Jane for leading our discussion. The children went back to school and produced some thoughtful writing and some "stained glass" art inspired by St Bartholomew's windows. They thoroughly enjoyed the morning.
Thank you to those parents accompanied us and stopped traffic!
How to help your child:
  • Encourage  reading 
  • Practise times tables regularly. Tables knowledge is essential to our current learning of long multiplication and long division methods.
  • Spellings need to be learned - they are the key words for year 6.
Welcome to our  Year 6 Homepage.
Year 6 can log on to e-schools and go to our own year 6 homepage. Once logged in, they can safely communicate and share their learning.